Saturday, July 22, 2006

San Diego Con '06: day 3

Here are the Legion-relevant events today:

1:00-2:30 DCU: One Year Greater
5:30-7:00 Animation Story Meeting

  • From CBR come these hints from the One Year Greater panel:
    Levitz announced a new series of direct to video animation movies, designed with fans in mind, a first for animation, said Levitz. "We want to tell some of the story and characters bits that are important to you," said Levitz.... The films will be in a comic books style and not fitting the Timm, "Legion" or " Teen Titans" styles, or any other animation styles. These films will be very true to the comics in all aspects.

    "That's just the start," said Levitz. He took suggestions from fans for future projects, and they mentioned "Kingdom Come" and other big projects. The mention of "Great Darkness Saga," a classic story by Levitz, prompted the publisher to say that he's already written a book this year ("JSA"), and jokingly added he's earned some time off.

    Didio asked for secrets from every creator to be revealed. ... Waid hinted at Supergirl returning to Krypton.

    The panel was asked which character they'd like to work on.
    * Brad Meltzer: All Star Squadron, Teen Titans, Legion of Super-Heroes.

    Was there ever a Superboy? "Superman did something when he was younger," said Busiek.

  • Newsarama interviewed Paul Levitz after the panel. In discussing the push towards animation:
    NRAMA: Speaking personally, and putting aside the political umbrella for a moment - what would you like to see adapted?

    PL: I'm an old fart - I want to see the '60s stuff. I'm not sure we'll ever get around to it though. The magic age of comics is the stuff where you remember where you were when you bought it, and where you were when you read it. I'm old enough so that the things that I remember are probably not what the bulk of the potential audience for these things remembers.

    Give me Adventure Comics #346, #347, or #353, #353 - the death of Ferro Lad, and I'll remember when I opened the wrapper of the subscription mailer, and how I felt that day. I'd love to see something like that happen, but I don't think that's going to be on the top of the list. I think there's a somewhat more modern world to explore.

    NRAMA: But still - if they come knocking, asking about adapting The Great Darkness Saga from your Legion run...?

    PL: I'd be honored…but we're having a hard enough time keeping that stuff in print and are having a hard enough time selling that stuff as a comic book, but time will tell. I'm always thrilled when people remember my work. As a writer, you want an audience, and to have written things that people remember years later is one of the great thrills to having played in this business. It doesn't have to be being remember a lot, anymore, but it feels good when it does.

  • The animation panel tonight is supposed to have some of the writers from the Legion series. Hopefully we'll see a report by tomorrow.

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