Monday, July 10, 2006

Animated LSH news 46: creative team updates

"Faroutspacenut" (the super-hero identity of one of the show's insiders - no, not this one) updated the Legion show's Wikipedia page on Sunday and added two new directors and four new writers that were unknown to me. Here's their list. The new names (or names with new titles) that I did not have before are in boldface.

This is probably not a complete list.

Executive Producer: Sander Schwartz
Producer: James Tucker, Linda Steiner
Associate Producer: A. J. Vargas
Director: Ben Jones, Tim Maltby, Lauren Montgomery
Voice Director: Kelly Ward
Writers: Stan Berkowitz, John Esposito, Rob Hoegee, Rob Hummel, Marty Isenberg, David Slack, Scott Sonneborn, Matt Wayne, Amy Wolfram
Story Editor: Rob Hoegee
Art Director: Dave Johnson
Character Designer: Derrick J. Wyatt, Glenn Wong
Storyboards: Irineo Maramba
Backgrounds/Props: Norm Ryang, Eric Canete

  • Tim Maltby (IMDB) previously directed some Scooby-Doo and Batman videos.
  • Lauren Montgomery - who I'm betting is not the porn star of the same name - doesn't seem to be listed in the IMDB. The only reference to her that makes any sense is as a co-author (and co-artist) with Legion background artist Eric Canete on a book called "Beauty and the Beast".
  • John Esposito was a writer on Teen Titans. His IMDB entry is probably mixed up, it looks like they have him combined with the guy of the same name who wrote a couple of screenplays and co-produced "From Dusk Til Dawn". (Of course, that may be his stuff too!)
  • Rob Hummel (IMDB) comes from Invader Zim, where he "appeared" a couple of times. Probably not the same Rob Hummel who is a senior VP at WB Studios.
  • Marty Isenberg (IMDB) comes to the Legion by way of the various Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, and X-Men animated shows.
  • Scott Sonneborn (IMDB) has probably the most interesting credit - besides Beavis and Butt-Head and Celebrity Deathmatch, he also wrote for Jenna Jameson's reality-type show called Jenna's American Sex Star.

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