Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dawnstar, wearing Dior, in Vogue Magazine

Via Trendhunter and PopFi (two sites not often mentioned here):

The Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC will be hosting a spring exhibit called "Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy." The show, hosted by Giorgio Armani, will open Wednesday May 7th and run through Sept. 1st. Some of the costumes are featured in the May issue of Vogue Magazine (who had this press conference in February). Among those costumes (loosely) inspired by super-heroes and super-villains are Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Dawnstar, and those not pictured include Superman, Batman, Punisher, Flash, Ghost Rider, Iron Man, and more. Read this press release (which actually sounds interesting) for more on teacher workshops, movie screenings, and other details. And of course, there'll be the traditional exhibition book.

UNEARTHLY ANGEL: The product of genetic engineering, Dawnstar has a pair of feathered wings. When the out-of-this-world heroine is in deep space, she can travel faster than the speed of light. And when she's in a custom sequined Dior Haute Coture dress, one look is enough to devastate any archnemesis.

I wonder what Greybird will think of this?


peter vandeneng said...

i think my head just exploded.

and bafflingly, NO reference at all to what she actually looked like, PURGED of all her 1970's cher-like goodness.

the fringe is ESSENTIAL. headband optional.

the exhibit catalog will have a piece by michael chabon, which might be this one; WELL worth a read:

Secret Skin - An essay in unitard theory.
by Michael Chabon

Terence Chua said...


What the f... BLONDE?!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the designers decided to make the costumes and then say its based on a character after. Because this wouldn't scream Dawnstar... Did they mix up the character with someone else? I admit, I looked at ALL of the superheroine costumes and this was the least like the character's.

Matthew E said...

That looks like Dawnstar only slightly more than I do.

Greybird said...

Yoicks! {eyes roll to back of head}

That dress is stunning, but she'd never dye her hair. Still, I'm glad she's back as a cultural meme!

Thanks for the heads-up ... I'd have never run across this on my own, being about as much of an anti-trend-maven as you can get {g}

MaGnUs said...

Considering "Teenagers From The Future" includes my essay on Legion fashion, I'd be very much interested in attending this, if I was in the same city...