Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Trivia Quiz #22

Sorry these are late, I usually get to them very early Monday morning, not late Monday night. Today's theme: stuff I've wanted to ask in previous quizzes but I already had enough questions. Ten of them today instead of the usual seven.

1. Which Legionnaire(s) appeared in every issue of "Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes"?
2. What is the main effect of Grandin Gender-Reversal Disease?
3. What is the main communications device of the Legion?
4. Rene Jacques Brande is better known by which initials?
5. What was Tenzil Kem's real name (Pre-Crisis)?
6. How long was the Five Year Gap? (Round up or down to a whole number.)
7. Pre-Crisis, what was Shrinking Violet's main power?
8. Which real-life person was Weisinger Plaza named after?
9. What symbol do members of the Dark Circle wear on their uniforms?
10. What letter is on the Legion flag?


Tom said...

1. I would say, but I fear a lawsuit.
2. Humor.
3. Talking, specifically vocal cords.
4. R.D. is who knows him best.
5. Matter-Eater Lad
6. Pretty much instantaneous - it all happened between issues.
7. Dating Duplicate Boy.
8. Trick question - he was named after someone in Earth-1, not a real person.
9. "Dry Clean Only"
10. L

Anonymous said...

These are the questions you fear to answer and because when you see the answer you'll groan for ages.

Anonymous said...

1. Superboy?
2. Matter-Eater Lad got to spend a lot of time in the shower. Alone...
3. Telepathic ear-plug?
4. C.B. (Chameleon Boy)?

I can't go on... Klordny!

Gus Casals said...

Damn! These keep getting harder and harder!

Meerkatdon said...

1. Fortress Lad

2. Acute Grandinism

3. The comic book

4. C.B.P.O.S. (Chameleon Boy's Parent Over Shoulder)

6. One decade (rounded up from one-half)

8. Plaza Pete

9. The One Ring

10. The letter "prot-e" from the Durlan alphabet (in the shape of an "L")

Jeffrey said...

1. Superboy
2. Causes victim to spontaneously change gender. Infectious Lass is able to generate this disease, but can't control it. She infected Color Kid and he became a girl.
3. Flight rings.
4. R. J. for Rene Jacques.
5. Tenzil Kem's real name is Tenzil Kem.
6. Five years.
7. Shrinking.
8. Someone named Weisinger? I think an early Superman artist?
9. A black or dark purple circle.
10. L

Bill D. said...

Finally, one of these where I know all the answers!

Anonymous said...

I must admit, I got all the way to #4 before I suspected some April Tom-Foolery.

I do actually wonder if any Legionnaires made all S/LSH issues besides Superboy. Brainy maybe? I once started a project to count the number of panels each Legionnaire appeared in, and the number of words spoken, but never got beyond the Adventure series with it.

BTW, the Fortress Boy answer induced a genuine ROTFLMFAO moment.

Anonymous said...

1# Which Legionnaire(s) appeared in every issue of "Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes"?

Answer: Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes

Anonymous said...

5. Well, it's spelled: "Tenzil Kem", but it's pronounced: "Throat-Warbler Mangrove"

Michael said...

I thought #3 would be more obvious. Look up at the header bar of this blog.

And for #8, Mort Weisinger was the first editor of the Legion, from 1958 to about 1969 or so. He edited the entire Adventure run.

Thanks for playing along!

Anonymous said...

i noticed right away that the last 2 were O, L.
so i was trying to spell ARILFOOL somehow.

SRORTFSMOL doesn't quite get there.

so i guess you got me.

Lirpa Loof, indeed.

Michael said...

SRORTFSMOL, isn't that one of those newfangled intarweb acronyms?

Smiling Really Obliviously, Rolling on The Floor, Spitting Milk Out Loud