Sunday, April 06, 2008

Superman and Superboy lawsuit update

Jeff Trexler (of posted this weekend at Blog@Newsarama about a new ruling in the Superman case, fallout from the Action Comics #1 case.

The judge in the Siegel case has issued a new order pertaining to both the Superboy and Superman lawsuits.

The order in a nutshell:

–The parties are to spend the next 60 days negotiating a settlement.
–After the 60 days is up, the parties are to file a joint report on what happened.
–If they don’t settle, the trial in the Superman case is scheduled to begin on November 4, 2008.
–The court is setting aside ruling on the remaining issues in the Superboy case, along with setting the Superboy trial dates, until after the Superman trial is over.

Of course, being the Newsarama message boards, the comments quickly descend to the typical "The Siegels are greedy" stuff we've seen recently.

Go to the page to read more, and read the opinion here.

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