Saturday, April 19, 2008

New York Comic Con '08: day 1

Friday was the DC Nation panel at the New York Comic Con.

Via Newsarama:

DiDio then said they've decided to do something "just for this group" in the panel room. He then asked the crowd who read 52 and was familiar with Rip Hunter and the Time Lords, leading him to say he's going to debut the "DC Nation Time Lords." A board, like Rip Hunter's in 52, came on the screen for 15 seconds with several cryptic sayings like "I am Batman?"

A fan asked if, in current DC continuity, Clark Kent wore a suit flying around Smallville, as Superboy - Johns said it'll be addressed and wait and see.

Over at Legion World, they point out that one of the things on the board is "1,000 / 3 = 1", suggesting that a single Legion will form out of the Legion of Three Worlds.

Newsarama also has some video interviews with Dan DiDio. In this one, he talks about Final Crisis, Legion of Three Worlds, & DCU #0.

CBR doesn't really have that much to add:
How big a part will Superman-Prime play in Final Crisis? "He goes into the 31st century in Legion of Three Worlds... and he kind of does his thing," Johns remarked.

Here's what's going on at the rest of the convention:

Saturday panels:
DCU: Countdown to Crisis
Sr. VP / Executive Editor Dan DiDio, VP / Sales Bob Wayne and Senior Coordinating Editor Jann Jones, Geoff Johns (Action Comics, Green Lantern), Grant Morrison (Batman, Final Crisis), Ethan Van Sciver (Justice League of America, Green Lantern), J.G. Jones (Final Crisis), Stephanie Roux (Birds of Prey), Gary Frank (Action Comics) and others for a panel that's not to be missed. The Sinestro War has passed, the Countdown is nearly over, and a Final Crisis looms! What lies ahead for our favorite heroes? Find out here!

Legion of Superheroes 50th Anniversary
Join the creators of Legion for a look back on 50 years of adventures and stories, moderated by comic book historian Peter Sanderson.

Sunday panels:
FINAL CRISIS - Grant Morrison
The Countdown is over and a Final Crisis looms. Only one man has the answers to this Universe changing event, and we've got him live for the hour! Join Grant Morrison, JG Jones and other special guests for this insider's look at the year's biggest event!

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