Sunday, April 20, 2008

New York Comic Con '08: day 3

Today's panel: Final Crisis.

CBR and Newsarama only mention that the Legion will be in one of the miniseries, the previously known Legion of 3 Worlds.

Newsarama reports that at the DC/Mattel panel:

The panel took a question about potential Legion of Superheroes figures, stating that they are still searching for the proper venue for these characters.

More on yesterday's Legion panel, from the DC message boards from poster "7thunders":
Paul said today at the con that people shouldn't blame John Byrne. There were many proposals for SUPERMANS revamp and Johns was picked. He said with books, big events happens and as a publisher its great for sales but as a writer it suck. AND HE SAID THAT! He said that often you have to work with what is given to you and that writers have to make a decision to either carry on with what you are given or pass it to someone else that might be able to do something with it. Supermans revamp was a bigger decision than people think and lots of writers had a proposal. The effect it had on the Legion wasn't perfect, but they had to work with it. The 50th Anniversary Panel with Levitz and Griffen was one of the best panels I've been to in over a decade age. They weren't bitter.. they weren't overly funny... they both spoke plain and honest and as two friends sitting together.

And in another message:
Anything would be better. the time... they were ordered "NO SUPERBOY" which is why Giffen had to do the Mordru change of perception in issue 4? 8? By the way .. Griffen did not want to talk about the question asked. He said: " No...lets not go there". It was Levitz that explained that there were many proposals for the SUPERMAN "New" story and that Byrnes was the most accepted and that John ( he called all creators by only their first names) was not to be blamed for the after affect. That it was the effect of any large crossovers that writers had to deal with. Again, he said, from a publisher view crossovers are great for sales...but as a writer it sucks and that he hated them as a writer.

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Terence Chua said...

I'm looking forward to the panel at SDCC. I'll have to remember to wear my flight ring. I wonder if there's enough time to whip up a Matter-Eater Lad costume...