Wednesday, July 02, 2008

San Diego plans

So who is going to San Diego this year? I'll be there, as will a couple dozen fans from the Legion World message board (they've even got a booth there), and Sheryl & Co. of the Collector Times. Liftoff minus two weeks and counting!

Colleen Doran will be there too, at the Image booth. She'll also be on the Legion panel, which she said is on Saturday at 5pm. Of course, that's the biggest day of the con, so I hope there's no major programming on against it that I'd have to miss.

Anyway, I am doing some great panels at San Diego, and am especially excited to be on the Legion of Superheroes panel on Saturday. Most of you know what a huge Legion fangirl I was growing up and it will be wonderful to be able to celebrate the Legion’s anniversary at San Diego Comic Con! I got my start in comics in Legion fandom doing fanzines.

I will never forget getting a phone call from Keith Giffen, asking me if I’d like to audition to be artist on The Legion! Those were the days…

It was a real privilege to get to work with terrific writers like Keith Giffen, Mark Waid and Kurt Busiek, and those times count for some of my happiest memories working in comics. It will be a real pleasure reliving these happy memories with the fans at the show.

No word yet (that I've found) on what the entire programming schedule will look like.


Murray said...

I'm going! My first time to San Diego and I'm pumped. I've got no idea what to expect, having only ever experience Wizard World Chicago. Whee!


Timothy Callahan said...

I will be there! But Sequart won't have a booth selling the "Teenagers from the Future" book, sadly.


Terence Chua said...

How is one going to get a copy?!? It must be mine!

trylon77 said...

Yeah, I (Chris Hansen) will be attending as well and would like to get another copy and have Tim autograph it. I already ordered one from and it is really cool!

Michael said...

Murray - San Diego is like all of the Chicago cons you've ever gone to, combined, on steroids.

Tim - that sucks! This would have been the perfect time and venue to sell them. Is the book still not back from the printers after revisions?

Timothy Callahan said...

The book is still not ready! Argh. The one that you can get from Lulu is the proof copy and it has a few errors in it. The publisher assures me that the revised version will be ready soon, though. And I'll let you guys know how to get it!

And EIC Mike Phillips and I will be at the Baltimore show this year, if anyone's going to be at that one.

But if you see me walking the streets of San Diego, say hi!

Mike said...

I am also going and it will be my (drumroll please) FIRST CONVENTION EVER! (I know, I know, I'm the idiot who doesn't know enough to start small). And of course I'll try to get to EVERY Legion panel I can.

Greybird said...

A day-evening trip from L.A. for my brother and me, if at all, on Thursday or Friday — don't know for sure yet.

(By Amtrak. Goes to within a few blocks of the Convention Center and ends up, nowadays, $30 cheaper than our driving and *urgh* parking.)

I'll miss out on that Legion panel, but Saturday is sold out anyway for us single-day-trippers *sigh*

And, yes, it's more of a ZOO than the San Diego Zoo. But it's fun, especially making connections and gawking at the cosplayers.

Bring plenty of cash to stay hydrated at the snack bars. If you lug bottled water around, you'll regret it. (That freebies bag gets heavy enough!)

And in the immortal advice of Douglas Adams, be sure you know where your (terry-cloth hand) towel is. The A/C is fickle.

If I don't make it, I'll just order Tim Callahan's book earlier than I would have.

Terence Chua said...

I'm flying a long enough distance that I'm not just doing Comic-Con but will also be doing Worldcon the weekend after next. Just to let people know that this year's Fan/Pro Trivia matchup will be on Sunday, 2.30pm in Room 4. Tom Galloway and Len Wein will be team captains as usual, and the theme is "Young Heroes" (we wanted Legion, but Len rightly reasoned that if Waid didn't show up, the Pros would be toast). So show up if you can - I'll be there with my Flight Ring on.

murrfox said...

Mike said, "San Diego is like all of the Chicago cons you've ever gone to, combined, on steroids."

Cool! I'm really looking forward to it. I imagine I'll be wandering around in a great big daze for most of my time there just soaking up the spectacle.