Saturday, July 26, 2008

SDCC08: Toys coming at last? (update 1)

As I tweeted earlier, Mattel has finally announced that they'll be making Legion figures. Action Figure Insider has the scarce details, but nobody seems to have any pictures:

Legion figures are coming...

Justice League Unlimited - Target Exclusive. Will release to non-Target stores outside the US in Spring 09. ... Website 4-packs: Legion 4-packs

Not quite sure what all that means, but if it's in the JLU line, then the Legionnaires will most likely be based on the group seen in the "Far From Home" episode of JLU and/or the "New Kids in Town" episode of Superman: The Animated Series.

Update Sunday night: Action Figure Insider has images of all of the slides from the Mattel show. Here's the one that's relevant here, but pretty much all you can get out of that is that it's most likely in the Justice League Unlimited style.

Making an educated guess - and this is pure speculation - the members in the 4-pack should be Saturn Girl, Chameleon Boy, Cosmic Boy, and Brainiac 5. The first three traveled back in time in "New Kids in Town" and Brainy was one of two main characters in the second one with Supergirl.

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