Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Perez quote on L3W (updated)

Update 7/31:Added article on The Pulse, at the bottom

As related by Vee, a poster at Legion World, who met George Perez at the local comic shop:

Anyway, I head over to him and introduce myself. George immediately lights up when I mention being a Legion fan and being thrilled that he will get to finally do a Legion project. He tells me about the 4 large binders of reference notes he has put together of every version of every costume of every Legionnaire ever!!! (His way of phrasing it [Smile] ) And how he's bound and determined to get every single one of them into Legion of Three Worlds if it kills him.

He also says he is having the most fun of his life doing this mini and that he can't wait to see the reaction to it from Legiondom. He thinks it will make everyone very happy!

In another post in the same thread:
His biggest regret is never having had the chance to be the ongoing Legion artist. He said he could never manage the schedule today and do it justice, that he's slowed down too much at his he's putting everything he's got into this one project to make up for never having had the chance.

Thanks to Anonymous below in the comments for the tip, check out this article at the Pulse from last week:
"[Editor] Eddie [Berganza] told me he's surprised with three versions of the Legion that I'm trying to give each of them a sense of distinction," Perez continued. "I take the challenge of three Legions and making all the alternate dimension characters -- like three Cosmic Boys -- different, stylized characters. I didn't want them to appear as the same character at different ages -- like a dual role type thing. I didn't want it to be like the Mirror, Mirror episode of Star Trek, where there were doppelgangers played by the same actors."

Perez said, "When I was working on the different eras of the Legion, I would evoke the artists who were the most established ones at that point in time. These three versions of the Legion are very different, especially the current one. Barry Kitson and Francis Manapul are totally different artists, so distinctly different that I had to find a middle ground to make this 'present' version of the Legion diverse."

"I have three full loose leaf binders of references right now," Perez continued. "I gage my references by the pound. I print out all references to look at. I think this project will rival JLA/Avengers as far as the amount of individual reference sheets go."


Skeleton Munroe said...

That sounds fantastic!

...I hope it's fantastic.

Unknown said...

Hmmm...DC should publish the reference notebook images after L3W is done. Bet it would be fun to flip through.

Mike A. said...

I'd love to see the reference materials. And I hope George is wrong. I've been waiting years to see him draw the Legion Proper; it better NOT kill him. :-)

Anonymous said...

There was an interview with Perez over at The Pulse over a week ago where he spoke about L3W.