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San Diego programming, part 1: Thursday/Friday (updated)

Update July 10th: added Todd Klein panel on Thursday
Update July 12th: Mike Grell panel description revised,

Schedules are up for the first two days of programming at San Diego. Here's what we have when passed through a Legion filter. The last two days of programming will show up in the next day or so, with the Legion spotlight panel on Saturday afternoon.

Thursday is pretty light with just the DC Nation panel, but Friday has several creator spotlight panels (Mike Grell, Geoff Johns, Keith Giffen), a '70s comics discussion, a panel about gay Legion fans, and DC's Final Crisis panel.

Thursday July 24

2:00-3:30 Spotlight on Todd Klein—Eisner Award-winning letterer and logo designer Todd Klein (Sandman, Fables) is joined by moderator Mark Evanier (Fanboy, Kirby: King of Comics) for a discussion of his 30-plus years in comics, from early days on staff at DC and lettering by hand to his present-day freelance career on many titles for DC, Marvel, and others, mainly on the computer. Focus will be on the intricacies of lettering, logo design, and more, as Todd and Mark show and discuss images of classic comics logos. Todd will also cover his recent self-published signed prints by Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman and give away several copies of each. Room 8

6:00-7:00 DC Nation—DC Senior VP/executive editor Dan DiDio hosts this gabfest with Keith Giffen (Reign in Hell, Ambush Bug: Year None), Geoff Johns (Action Comics, Green Lantern), Brad Meltzer (DCU: Last Will and Testament), and some of the top talent in the industry, talking and teasing upcoming stories! Come learn the secrets behind the most talked about events of the summer! Room 6A

Friday July 25

11:00-12:00 Print The Legend: Mike Grell and Mark Ryan— Comic-Con special guest Mike Grell (Legion of Superheroes, The Warlord, Green Arrow: the Longbow Hunters, Jon Sable, Freelance) and actor-writer Mark Ryan (Robin of Sherwood, The Prestige, King Arthur, voice of Bumblebee in Transformers), swap outrageous yarns and discuss the secret world behind their new Comicmix.com project The Pilgrim with editor Mike Gold. Join Mike, Mark and Mike for a bit of insanity and Q&A session. Room 2
Spotlight on Mike Grell— The popular comics writer and artist Mike Grell is a Comic-Con special guest. He’ll talk about his career in comics and beyond, including some of his signature work, such as Warlord, Green Arrow, and Jon Sable. Room 2

11:30-12:30 Mattel and DC Comics: A Heroic Partnership— You’ve been a fan of Mattel’s popular DC toy lines, now find out the latest news, sneak peaks, and behind-the-scenes scoop on your favorite Mattel/DC action figures, including DC Universe Classics, Justice League Unlimited, The Dark Knight, and Infinite Heroes,—plus exciting new lines like Batman Brave and the Bold—as well as the world premiere of new action figures. Be on hand as representatives from Mattel, DC Comics, and Warner Bros. Entertainment offer an insightful Q&A. Brought to you by Mattycollector.com.

You can ask about what happened to the Legion line - how far did they get, were there any prototypes or packaging made, why was it cancelled, etc.

12:00-1:00 50 Years of Gay Legion of Super-Heroes Fandom— The fiftieth anniversary of the Legion of Super-Heroes gives the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) fans a reason to celebrate. Join Prism Comics president Roger Klorese, Interlac APA central mailer and HIV + ME cartoonist Chris Companik, and a "legion" of pros and fans in a freewheeling discussion to find out, among other things, which male Legionnaire coveted the name "Light Lass," how Matter Eater Lad consumed whole planets without gaining an ounce, and why removing the pink from Cosmic Boy's costume made him look somehow...gayer. And girl, what's up with Element Lad? Room 3

12:30-2:00 That ’70s (Comics) Panel— It started with Nixon and ended with Carter, but in between the 1970s showcased an incredible influx of new comics talent unheard of since the beginning of the industry in the 1930s. Moderator Mark Evanier (who worked with Jack "King" Kirby on DC’s "Fourth World" books in the ’70s) hosts Comic-Con special guests Mike W. Barr (Camelot 3000, Batman), Howard Chaykin (American Flagg!), Mike Grell (Warlord, Green Arrow), Paul Gulacy (Master of Kung Fu, Sabre), Jim Starlin (Dreadstar, Captain Marvel), Joe Staton (Green Lantern, E-Man), Len Wein (Fantastic Four, Incredible Hulk), and Bernie Wrightson (Swamp Thing, Frankenstein). Wow! That’s almost one panelist for each year in the decade! Room 8

3:30-4:30 Spotlight on Geoff Johns— His ideas have breathed new life into Flash, Teen Titans, Green Lantern, the Justice Society of America, and now Superman. Is there anything writer Geoff Johns can’t do? Probably not, but come ask anyway. Don’t miss this panel hosted by Ian Sattler, senior story editor—DCU, interviewing one of the brightest minds behind the magic of the DC Universe. Room 5AB

4:30-5:30 Spotlight on Keith Giffen— Comic-Con special guest Keith Giffen talks about his long career as writer and artist with friend and collaborator Robert Loren Fleming. Plus get the lowdown on their latest project: the return of Ambush Bug for DC Comics! Room 10

6:00-7:00 DCU: Final Crisis Management— The Final Crisis is here! Senior VP-executive editor Dan DiDio talks with Grant Morrison (Batman, Final Crisis), JG Jones (Final Crisis), Geoff Johns (Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds), Brad Meltzer (DCU: Last Will and Testament), Greg Rucka (Final Crisis: Revelations), Phillip Tan (Final Crisis: Revelations), and others! Catch a glimpse of what will be one of the most talked-about events of the summer! Room 6A

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Greybird said...

Eh, so much for that intended San Diego day-trip. Friday has the spotlights on Mike Grell (Dawnstar's creator) and Geoff Johns (behind her recent return), as we now know ... but Friday is now sold out. *sigh*

Thursday isn't worth it - I don't have a comics shopping list to fill. (Or the cash to impulse-buy.) Sunday isn't worth it - the show, from reports I've heard, winds down early and quickly. (Is that really fair to the kids they're trying to get to attend that day?)

Move the show to Los Angeles or Anaheim, already, folks. Where there'd actually be room for people to attend for a single day on short notice, paying on site.