Sunday, July 27, 2008

SDCC08: Sunday

Seeing as how I'm at the con and not in front of my computer, I'll find out the information at many of the panels first had, but you guys will have to help out keeping this thing up to date. Please post links to news stories on the web and maybe a news item or two, but don't quote huge chunks of text in the comments. I hope to update this page sometime tonight.

Obviously, I've fallen behind in catching up, but that's what happens when you don't go to bed until after 3 a.m. with an 8:30 wakeup. I'll finish up later, including a complete transcript (based on my notes) of the Legion panel.

The con wraps up today with a couple of items. The trivia match is based on the Legion plus other teen heroes.

Sunday 7/27
11:45-12:45 DC Nation: One Weekend Later
2:30-4:00 Pro/Fan Trivia Match

I'll be liveblogging any Legion stuff I overhear at my Legion Omincom Twitter feeds.


Dave Snyder said...

Geoff Johns Brings The Legion To Smallville

SherylR said...

The fan team won the contest! Go Tom and company!! I was SICK that the trivia contest was scheduled on a SUNDAY this year, and I had to miss it while flying out. Not FAIR, I tell you!