Monday, September 01, 2008

Trivia Quiz #27

First Monday comes early this month. It's a holiday weekend for us USAns but we've got our fingers crossed and our TVs on watching Hurricane Gustav (and not-so-pleasant memories around these parts from Katrina and Rita three years ago).

The theme for this month is the Legionnaire Dawnstar.

1. Name one of the two jobs she had before she joined the Legion.

2. What was the Grand Tour, and what happened at the end of it?

3. What were her parents' names?

4. Who was her roommate at the Legion Academy, and who were some of the other people in the Academy at the time?

5. How did she lose her wings?

6. Who was her partner in the private investigation firm she worked at?

7. Mike Grell designed Dawnstar's look and contributed the cover to her first appearance, but didn't do the interior art (he also did a few subsequent covers). What was the only time Grell got to draw her in interior art?

[Note: Greybird helped out with these, so he is ineligible to answer. Sorry!]


Rivers said...

Boy, You got me this time.

On an unrelated note, someone found a blog last week with a tribute to the Legion, limerick style at

Anonymous said...

1)tracker-at-large, Brande also granted her a subsidy to study at the Legion Academy

2) Her quest to her naming place (Venus the "Dawn star") to find her soulmate. There she was confronted by Wildfire, they took this intrusion to mean that they were soulmates.

3)Mist Rider and Moonwalker.

4)Laurel Kent. Jed Rikane & Grev Mal(l)or.

5)She lost them when she taken over by the Bounty entity (as the ealier Bounty was revealed to be her cousin, who also did not have wings, it is feasible that the Bounty entity had a vendetta on her bloodline).

6)Celeste Rockfish nee McCauley.

7)Legion #300

kenaustin said...

5)...(as the ealier Bounty was revealed to be her cousin, who also did not have wings, it is feasible that the Bounty entity had a vendetta on her bloodline).

???Where/when was this revealed???

7) He drew her in the pages of ANCE C-55, "That Damn Tabloid."

Jim Drew said...

SLSH #234 is when the Legionnaires encountered a character named Bounty.

Bounty's Who's Who in the Legion listing is in #1, so that's likely where it comes from, a "Dev-Em retcon".

(Dev-Em Retcon: establishing a character history in an official but non-comics publication. Dev-Em got a massive post-Crisis origin revamp in Who's Who in the Legion.)

Hal Shipman said...

I'm thinking that the "subsidy" might not really count as a job (at least for what Mike is looking for), since it was basically paying her to be a Legionnaire. But in trying to hunt down a reference to this first Bounty, I thought I read two different descriptions of her "pre-Legion" career (this is from memory):
1) Guiding hunters - essentially a game guide.
2) Guiding ships through dangerous space (asteroid fields, etc).
Two very different applications of her power - tracking and guiding.

kenaustin said...

regarding #7: During a discussion about the Imra & Garth wedding, it came to my attention that Grell has actually drawn Dawnstar twice interiorly, although for the same scene. He redrew the wedding in LSH v3 #45, the 30th anniversary issue.
You never stop learning! :)

kenaustin said...

Oh, and thanks Jim. I remember Bounty, and know I'd read that entry before, but it must've completely, or conveniently, left my mind!