Saturday, August 30, 2008

Upcoming HC: The Life and Death of Ferro Lad

Via Schwapp!!!Online comes word of a new Legion hardcover coming in about 6 months, available on pre-order at Life and Death of Ferro Lad.

"DC Comics Classic Library: Legion of Super Heroes - Life and Death of Ferro Lad (Hardcover)" is listed at $39.99 with a discount to $26.39, coming out Feb. 10, 2009. It says the stories are by Shooter/Swan, which suggests the following stories:

  • Adventure Comics #346-347 (intro Ferro Lad, Karate Kid, Princess Projectra, Nemesis Kid)
  • Adventure Comics #352-353 (intro Fatal Five, death Ferro Lad)
  • Adventure Comics #357 (ghost of Ferro Lad)

If I were making this reprint collection, I'd also add the lead story from Superboy #206, which featured the self-destructing clone of Ferro Lad (and Invisible Kid), but given the credits it doesn't look like this will be there.


RAB said...

What an odd choice. Did I miss something during the lead-up to L3W suggesting that Ferro Lad (or his ghost) will play some role in the miniseries...or is this a hint that Ferro Lad (or some yet-to-be-seen incarnation of same) will be a crucial figure in whatever new version of the Legion we'll be seeing after it's over? Other than those possibilities, I can't see why they'd focus on a character who's been gone for forty years without some tie-in to a current book...

Michael said...

Beats me, unless they're just looking to reprint stuff as part of the Legion's anniversary. When asked in San Diego what stories they liked best, many of the pros at the Legion panel said this storyline.

They're going to reprint the next several issues of v3 after "Eye for an Eye", and there doesn't seem to be a tie-in for that either.

In any case, I'm not complaining about them reprinting the Legion stories! Now maybe they'll bring back The Great Darkness Saga into print.

Michael said...

Did I miss something during the lead-up to L3W suggesting that Ferro Lad (or his ghost) will play some role in the miniseries?

You know, after thinking about it, this will be coming out shortly after L3W ends... maybe we will see the ghost of Ferro Lad there after all.

RAB said...

If it were up to me, a slim volume reprinting Adventure Comics #369 and 370 would be declared mandatory reading for all superhero comic fans.

And there should be an affordable collection duplicating the contents of Adventure #403, the core stories in the death and rebirth of Lightning Lad, as long as we're talking dream collections!... said...

Too bad they aren't including the Secret Origins story that retold FL's beginnings.

And wasn't there a Levitz story that was a flashback to right before the Fatal Five story that included Ferro Lad? Or am I misremembering that?

Ricardo said...

I think the reprints of v3 do make sense because it will be where Johns caught up with for his Action Legion. Ferro Lad, except that it is a favorite of some Legion creators, makes no sense at all.

Jim Drew said...

Yes, there was a v3 story with Jeckie, Val, and Andrew, vs. Black Mace as I recall. They should slip that in, and the LSH v2 #300 story with Douglas, too. And maybe reissue the Final Night TPB.

jim kosmicki said...

Amazon often leaves off multiple authors -- the newest Love and Rockets annual volume doesn't list Gilbert Hernandez as an author, for example. The listing shows 160 pages -- the GCD isn't coming up right now, so I can't check the page counts of those stories, but 5 stories, even from the silver age, don't add up to 160 pages.

I too hope that they include Superboy 206 -- it was one of the first Legion issues I ever bought with my own money. I'd read earlier issues, but they were bought at flea markets and from friend's houses. This was the one that I remember buying and reading and deciding that I needed to keep buying the Legion.