Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Super Future Friends

Found a new-ish Legion blog via a referrer link tonight: Super Future Friends, which (to me) sounds like what the Legion might be called in Japanese comics. Adriana and Kristen, the hosts, have prepared a periodic podcast that aims to discuss the Legion starting back in the day. So far they've got 6 episodes.

Hi! We are your Super Future Friends, your guides to the amazingly complicated and convoluted world of The Legion of Super-Heroes! We will be summarizing issues of the Legion and together we'll learn about this team of superheroes from the future!

I've added them to my blogroll at the right.

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Anonymous said...

Because I seem to be the one to let you know about these things...Rich Johnston has another Legion story in the latest LitG: http://comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=17578

"More San Diego creator talk tells me that the Jim Shooter’s "Legion Of Super Heroes" title ends with issue #50.

It will be replaced with a new Tony Bedard LSH project, and the Levitz/Giffen Legion project will also see publication.

I'm also told that the junior book "The Legion Of Super Heroes In The 31st Century," is also coming to an end with issue 20.

The future seems an uncertain place."

Odd that he got this from creator gossip--he wasn't even at the SDCC--and none of it has leaked out anywhere else...not that any of it is improbable, certainly. (Though I wouldn't have pegged Bedard for another Legion run and I honestly think the Levitz/Giffen thing is a pipe dream....)