Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Newsarama's "Legion at 50" #2 - Shooter interview, L3W preview

Newsarama's got part 2 of their "Legion at 50" series, this one talking with Jim Shooter.

JS: I also discovered how really wonderful the idea of the Legion is. It’s set in a non-dystopian future, which is refreshing these days, with limitless possibilities. The heroes are young men and women who are ordinary on their own worlds who become heroes because they want to be. They’re off on a magnificently noble, naïve quest to make a difference in the universe. Throw in the raging hormones that come along with their ages and it’s a writer’s dream.

NRAMA: ...Are you on the Legion long-term?

JS: As long as they'll have me.

NRAMA: ...Do you think the Legion will be around another 50 years from now?

JS: It wouldn’t surprise me. There’s something wonderful about this series. Even if it were to go away for a while, it’ll be back.

He also gives credit to the rest of his creative team, which is nice.

Newsarama also has the first five pages of L3W #1, which is 1.5 pages more than we've seen before (the right half of page 4 and all of page 5 are new).

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