Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bits of Legionnaire Business

  • Paul Levitz discusses the San Diego Comic Con at his regular column on Newsarama.
    Favorite moments at Comicon, not counting the Clampett: ... Holding Keith Giffen back from announcing we’d do a new LEGION run to a panel room of 700 dedicated Legion fans by reminding him that he’d have to get my wife to agree, and Science Police officers are armed. (Honest, I’d love to do if my travel schedule ever lightens up again.)

    Recall that Giffen kept wanting to say that he and Levitz were going after the Legion again, but Giffen always said "Levitz still hasn't said no", so it's not like they were actually announcing anything.

  • Pat at Silver Age Comics has a weekly trivia quiz; last week's was about the Legion. Your humble host here didn't get them all. Here are the questions (with readers answers in the comments), and here are the answers.

  • Darren has the "Top Ten thirty-first century swear words from Jim Shooter's current run on the Legion of Super-Heroes". Complete with speech and thought balloons for context.

  • Writer J. Torres introduces us to what he calls the "Flight Ring Arc" over in the LSH31C comic.

  • CBR finally has its writeup on the Legion panel from San Diego (almost 3 weeks late).

Hope everyone's having a good Klordny Week! My birthday (on the 13th) is the reason that we celebrate Klordny when we do.

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