Sunday, August 10, 2008

Trivia Answers #26

This month's theme was "The Time Trapper". Question: if you manage to make a device to hold the Time Trapper, is that a Trapper Keeper?

1. Why did Cosmic Boy become the Time Trapper at the end of v4?

From LSH v4 #61 page 9, the last issue of "End of an Era":
"In my absence, I learned all the secrets of time! I was destined to become the Trapper - to try time and again in vain to prevent this catastrophe (Zero Hour)! Instead, I broke the pattern and chose another route - a drastic path to triumph that only the Legion can make work! ... Years ago I tried to save the Legion by dividing it chronally. The young Legionnaires - as yet untouched by the specter of death - were meant to survive this crisis. By diverging the Legion into two separate time tracks, however, I caused a devastating paradox that further weakened time."

Page 10:
"Long have I known of the 30th century's impending end. Perhaps it was the horror of that knowledge which, in time, drove me insane with desperation... transformed me from savior to sinner.

2. At the very end of Zero Hour, we saw the Time Trapper. There was a lot of speculation that it was a certain character under those robes, but we never found out for certain. Who was it that was speculated to be the Time Trapper?
The "prime" suspect was Batgirl (the non-crippled one who appeared in "Zero Hour"), but that was due to a single panel image of the Time Trapper with long hair. Among the other suspects were Supergirl (the Pre-Crisis Kara Zor-El), Lori Morning (as Glorith), Harbinger, and Liri Lee of the Linear Men.

3. Who ate Time Trapper's rocket ship?
He would have gotten away with it if not for those meddling kids! From Adventure 338, we see that Element Toddler changed it into candy, where it was eaten by Matter-Eater Toddler, Saturn Toddler, Ultra Toddler, Star Toddler, Chameleon Toddler, Light Toddler, and Invisible Kiddy.

See also the lolification for this picture here.

4. In the v3 "Conspiracy" storyline, what reason did each of the conspirators have for going after the Time Trapper?
Saturn Girl because he kidnapped Graym in the "Legionnaires 3" miniseries; Brainiac because all of his time research was falsified by the creation of the Pocket Universe; Duo Damsel because she'd loved Superboy; and Mon-El because of his "brotherly" relationship with Superboy.

5. How "far" could the Legionnaires travel before being blocked by the Iron Curtain of Time?
Thirty days (but only 28 in February). How convenient that they couldn't go further in the future than the next issue!

6. What happened when Darkseid met the Time Trapper?
The Time Trapper was "revealed" to be a renegade Controller in "All-New Collector's Edition" C-55, the wedding issue. That Time Trapper was drained of his power by Darkseid at the beginning of the Great Darkness Saga in LSH v2 #291. The fake Trapper was killed by the real Trapper in the first issue of "Legionnaires 3". Jim said that Darkseid and the Trapper played chess in "Legionnaires 3" but my notes don't show Darkseid there.

7. Prior to "Legion of 3 Worlds", what happened the last time the Time Trapper met the Legion (or individual Legionnaires)?
He met the Post-ZH Legion - and told XS that "your ultimate role is yet to be unveiled" - in LSH 105 (in which we saw TT give Lori the H-Dial in flashback). His final words:
"Time flows. I tested the Legion's multiculturalism. They passed. I stripped them of their technology. They survived. I tore them from reality. The prevailed. End of experiment. Next time, they must rise to all of those challenges, and more - for the sake of existence itself!

Maybe "Legion of Three Worlds" is XS's "ultimate role" for which he trained her?

For pretty much every appearance of the Time Trapper, go visit this thread. It was very useful for this quiz (although I wish I had found it before I wrote up the quiz, rather than when I was looking for the answers!).

Thanks to "Manchester Black" for all of the scans.


Anonymous said...

The Time Trapper played chess with Brainiac in the Legionnaires 3 miniseries, not Darkseid.

Jim Drew said...

Ah, there we go.

Hey, Michael: no questions dealing with the Trapper in the DC Heroes gaming module? Man, I'm let down!

(Okay, I have the module but haven;t read it to know what might be involved. I think he brought back Supergirl and other dead Legionnaires, though.)