Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Klordny Week 2008!

Today starts Klordny Week! Since 1995, Klordny Week has been celebrated in the week or so that contains both my birthday (August 13, today) and Elvis Appreciation Day (August 16). It first appeared in Superboy and the LSH 232 (10/77).

How do you celebrate? By dancing and partying!

Do me a favor, Lightning Lad, shut up and dance!

Why do you celebrate? I'm not telling you!

What's the Ritual Klordny Toast?

You can never have too much Frunt. Others celebrating (whether they know it or not) include Cold Frunt Productions, Erwin Frunt, Frunt's flickr photos, Frunt's blog on Vox,, Hilde Frunt, Frunt's Myspace page, and a map of the town of Frunt, in Graubunden, Ostschweiz, Switzerland.


T. Troy McNemar said...

I would like to dedicate this Klordny week to the search for more frunt.

The sad thing is, with comic book lettering always being in all capitals, we do not know whether frunt is a proper noun or not.

Frunt, all of your secrets will be revealed, this I swear!

Anonymous said...

Hey! My name is Erwin Frunt. By internet I saw your blog. I must say that I like it a lot. I am from te Netherlands. In my (small) village live more people with Frunt is their last name. If you like more information about Frunt you are always welcome to ask.


Erwin Frunt
Berlicum, the netherlands