Saturday, February 07, 2009

NYCC09: Day 1 - LSH action figures coming

Action Figure Insider reports from the New York Comic Con that Legion action figures are coming this year (though we've heard that before):

Mattycollector 4 packs: Brainiac 5, Lightinig Lad, Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy.

You may recall this was announced at last summer's San Diego con, and more info came out in 11/08 and last month). Sounds like they intend to release them sometime this spring.

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jab said...

i was at nycc yesterday. the figures are awesome, in that cartoony jlu style.

tho, mattel did not have them set up as a 4-pack, they were in individual cards. the date said coming 5/15, tho a friend of mine asked them and a rep said b5 was coming in a few weeks.

the dc booth was also giving out flash rings in the morning. i thought they were legion rings :( why no legion rings damnit.