Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mattel: "Legion’s going to be big"

Then there was this exchange at Action Figure Pics with Mattel's Toy Guru:

H: Is there anything you can tell us about Legion of Superheroes? People are dying for some Legion.

TG: Read the article in Toy Fare Magazine.

H: We did. So it’s just a matter of…what?

TG: Just…lining everything up. Legion’s going to be big.
 Anyone read ToyFare? I think it's issue #152 that just came out.

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Asterioid Al said...

The entire quote was:

"We'll have some really amazing exclusives for the brand, which we'll probably be announcing in April, as well as one of the most-demanded subsets of the DC Universe -- the Legion of Super-Heroes. We definitely have something really big in mind to celebrate the heroes of the 31st century, we're just not ready to announce them yet."