Thursday, February 11, 2010

Trivia Quiz #44

Special road-trip edition! I just got back from a Houston to Orlando to New Orleans to Houston road trip (part of the reason I've been incommunicado) so I thought I'd have a travel-themed quiz this month.

  1. What did the Legion do when they used the Time Bubble for the first time?
  2. Why did the Legion switch from flight belts to flight rings?
  3. What was the 11th version of the Legion Cruiser known as?
  4. What was the name of Captain Frake's space pirate ship?
  5. The "Secret Origin of the LSH Clubhouse" story that introduced Fortress Lad was a last-minute replacement for a story which showed a different origin, one in which the clubhouse really was a rocket. Where did that rocket originate?
  6. What was the name of the ship that Garth Ranzz, Imra Ardeen, Rokk Krinn, and R. J. Brande were travelling on when an assassination attempt was made on Brande's life?
  7. What are the names of Metropolis' two Spaceports?


Anonymous said...

let's try this.

1. traveled through time (you probably want more specific though) this the vibrex story?
3. don't know
4.the Jolly Roger
5.Krypton (it had Kal-el's clothes or something)
6.don't know but I'll guess Nova Express (yes I know which story it is in) idea

Not too good. oh well

Unknown said...

Wow, tough quiz this month!

1. Visited Superboy, right?
2. So their enemies couldn't take them, as I suppose a giant belt is less subtle than a ring.
3. No idea.
4. Haven't read that story
5. Krypton; it was the rocket Lara sent containing diapers and other supplies for baby Kal-El.
6. I don't know
7. Gonna go out on a limb and say Shuster and Siegel.

Toy Fair is this weekend, rumor is we'll see some Legion toy news from Mattel on Sunday!

Dr. Michael J. MacArthur said...

1 - Returned their late library tapes.

Flight rings were more slimming.

3 - Ol' #11

4 - The Somewhat Pleasant Roger

5 - Bizarro NASA

6 - The Assassins' Target

7 - The close one and the other one

Meerkatdon said...

Some real stumpers this time around.

1. I know this! I know this! Just give me a minute...yeah, I don't know this.

2. It was the Vibrex story. Flight belts were...uh...too vulnerable to vibrations (sound waves?) but flight rings weren't?

3. That would be the venerable Mark 494.

6. Something Queen. Surely not Saturn Queen? Ollie Queen? Priscilla Queen of the Starways? Queen Beatrice III? Can you tell I'm guessing?

7. Metropolis Spaceport Street Squidport?

Anonymous said...

4. It was supposed to be the rocket that carried Kal-el to earth but it was actually a late 29th century facsimile that J Wilbur Wolfingham XXIV was touring round the east coast. He saw his chance to fleece R J Brande and made it off Earth with creditors in hot pursuit. The true facts came to light shortly before the publication of Secret Origins #46 and DC pulled the story to save Brande's reputation. Just one of the many post Crisis cover-ups.

Anonymous said...

1)Visited Midvale Orphanage in the mid-20th century

royiskeen said...

1. visited Superboy
2. cause M'onel invented the element when applying for membership
3. the Legion Cruiser...
4. The Jolly Enterprise
5. Earth (mock Krypton)
6. The Cosmic Empress? don't know really.
7. Metropolis Spaceport and thingamyjig

Jim Drew said...

2. Rokk found an old Champions role-playing game and started nagging Brainy with the phrase "Obvious Accessible Focus"

6. Unnamed in the reboot and no Legion origin was seen in the threeboot.