Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bits of Legionnaire Business

I've got a backlog of stuff to go through for this episode of Bits but here are a few recent items:

  • In an article about how certain comics characters are created, former editor KC Carlson recounts the creation of Fortress Lad when he ran into Mark Waid one day.

    So as a joke (and because I knew that Mark had a hammer in his desk drawer and might use it on himself), I suggested that the origin of the LSH Clubhouse was that it originally came from a planet were all the buildings were living creatures. I said this for the following reasons: 1) Virtually all the origins of the individual Legionnaires were that they came from a planet where everybody had the same super-power (the lamest origin in comics, repeated ad-nauseum), 2) It was in my contract at DC to say as many stupid things as possible, and I was way behind my quota that week, 3) I thought that this might actually make Mark’s head explode and then I would be the new Legion editor! Bwah-ha-ha!, and 4) I never expected Mark to take me seriously.

  • Supergirl Comic Box Commentary begins a series looking at how Supergirl was used during the writing reign of Paul Levitz (LSH v2 #300, #301 so far)
  • Comic Creators United goes to the longbox and pulls out LSH v2 #308 to review. Unfortunately that was the first part of the Omen/Prophet story. Ouch.
  • This Europe-only version of Cartoon Network still has some animated Legion promo videos (which apparently can't be watched in the US), even though the Legion isn't listed as one of the currently-airing shows.
  • Diversions of the Groovy Kind had Kung Fu week. Among the spotlighted martial artists were Karate Kid. Here's issue 1 posted, if you've never read it before.
  • Chuck's Comic of the Day to review was LSH v2 #290, part 1 of the Great Darkness Saga.

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Gustavo said...

Hi everyone! I am a Brazilian fan of the Legion, and would like to know of you, if The Great Darkness Saga goes for continuity of Earth-0/New Earth (revitalized by Geoff Johns) and the sons of Garth is part of the actual continuity, as well as the transformation of one son in Validus.
as we say in Brazil:VIDA LONGA A LEGIAO!