Tuesday, January 05, 2010

JMS loves the Legion, too

From the JMS mailing list, it looks like J. Michael Straczynski's "Brave and Bold" wish list wasn't just a wish list:

Atom/Joker comes out in a week or two, then it's Aquaman/Demon, then a combo of Batgirl/Wonder Woman/Zatanna, then a kind of experimental situation with two issues on a parallel track, telling different but related stories with different teams (first: Legion of Super-Heroes and the Doom Patrol, followed by the League of Substitute Heroes and the Inferior Five).

Tom G says that puts the issues in the April/May time frame.


Dr. Michael J. MacArthur said...

The Legion, the Subs, and the INFERIOR FIVE? I have died and gone to fanboy heaven.


Richard said...

Oh hurray. More of my favorites brought to solemn-faced sober joylessness thanks to JMS.

"They called me Merryman. Once, everything seemed so funny to us. We were young then. Now there isn't much to laugh about. But I'm about to learn a Serious Meaningful Lesson about Real Life."

"My name is Brek. I wanted to be a hero, but I wasn't good enough. Then I gave up. But it was just a substitute for something missing in my life."

Sorry, I think I'll pass.

Jonathan L. Miller said...

Back when Babylon 5 was on, I used to tell all my friends who were fans that JMS and I agreed on at least one thing: we both loved the Legion. (I was, er, not a fan.)