Tuesday, January 05, 2010

David Finch loves the Legion

David Finch, a fan-favorite at Marvel on things like "Avengers Disassembled" and "Moon Knight", has signed with DC as an exclusive. Here's one thing he said in an interview with CBR:

When it comes to which characters he'd like to take on at DC, Finch was quick to run down a list of his favorite books. "I love the big three, obviously, along with every other comic book creator that aspires to work on superheroes. I'm a huge Lobo fan. Simon Bisley is the greatest, and his Lobo work still has a big impact for me. I love Legion a lot, and Doom Patrol. The Flash is great. Justice League may be the holy grail of the DCU, though. It's got so much in one place, and such a rich history of stories.

It would be cool to have him, though I think he's probably taken by some other book.

Any word on the artist for "Adventure" when Levitz returns? Or have I missed the announcement?

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Murray said...

No announcement yet on the new artist. The only scrap that we've been given was in the DC Nation page a few weeks ago when Didio said that Giffen was going back to the past to work on something in the future... or words to that effect. In other words, it left the impression (with me anyway) that Giffen and Levitz are planning some kind of collaboration.