Sunday, January 03, 2010

Festivus Trivia Answers

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you're all back home safely from your vacations with nothing more than a sunburn. Here are the answers to the Festivus trivia from right before the Christmas holiday:

  1. Which Legion-related heroes and villains have been shown on both live-action and animated form?
    From Smallville, we've seen Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, and the Persuader (Brainiac and Luthor are quasi-related, and whether the ball of stuff from that episode becomes Brainiac 5 remains to be seen); and from the Legends of the Super-Heroes Roast, we saw Mordru. All were seen in the Legion animated series.

  2. Who said this, and what were the circumstances? "Mmm... this is nice! I must kiss her again!!"
    Superman traveled to the future of the Adult Legion in Action 289 and hit on Saturn Girl at Christmas. Her husband, Lightning Man, was not too thrilled.

  3. Where did we see the Jaguar Court?
    As Tenzil put it, better than I could, "the Jaguar Court was seen in the Five years later Legion Annual #1, where Ultra Boy entered a nonaggression pact with them even though they were allied with Mordru, thus preventing the Legion from facing Mordru before they were prepared to beat him."


Tom Galloway said...

A couple of other Legion related folk have been both animated and live action. Remember, the Legion's fought Ra's Al Ghul, who was animated and live action in various Batman properties. And Martian Manhunter was animated on JLU and live action in Smallville.

Reservists Lana Lang and Jimmy Olsen have also appeared in both forms, although not in their heroic ids of Insect Queen and Elastic Lad.

Michael said...

Just because they've met/fought the Legion doesn't make them Legion-related, in my book. And I did think about Jimmy and Lana, but decided against them since we didn't see Elastic Lad or Insect Queen. Was Pete Ross ever in an animated episode somewhere?

Word verification: reepox, which is the disease you get from hanging around Chameleon Boy.

Brainy Pirate said...

Sheesh -- those silver age stories sure don't make either Clark or Linda look good! And why would Tinya "probably [be] single"? What they hay?

Michael said...

This was the story which had Supergirl trying to find a suitable girlfriend for Superman, because it was illegal for Kryptonian cousins to marry. She tried to find women around the galaxy who looked like her.