Saturday, January 16, 2010

Trivia Quiz #43

Special all-Levitz edition!

  1. For the sake of this question, assume that the writer and artist are equal co-creators of a Legionnaire (not necessarily true). How many Legionnaires did Levitz co-create?
  2. How many regular, non-fill-in editors has Paul Levitz had on his Legion-related books?
  3. Historically speaking (in terms of DC history), what was significant about the death of Nemesis Kid at the hands of Queen Projectra?
  4. Historically speaking (in terms of DC history), what was significant about LSH v2 #294, the last issue of the Great Darkness Saga?
  5. What three reasons has Levitz given on why he likes writing the Legion?
  6. When asked which Legion story he'd like to forget that he wrote, what story (or storyline) did Levitz reply with?
  7. This is Levitz' third stint on writing the Legion. What other writer or writers have had three or more terms writing the Legion (separated by enough time that the person was not considered the regular writer at the time he/she came back)?


Mike McKean said...

1) Levitz can be credited with co-creating Dawnstar, Invisible Kid II and his sister Danielle (later Computo), Tellus and Quislet, as well as Myg (KK II) and Yera. That's seven at least. Comet Queen and Visi-Lad were also his inventions, but I think they were only Subs, never full members. So if you count reservists, I'd say nine. Side note: Paul didn't create Pol Krinn, but he was the first to give Rokk's little brother any personality.

2) At least four, I think... two during his first (shorter) run, and two during his longer second run.

3) First time that a DC hero had been shown deliberately killing a villain (or any person), either ever, or since the imposition of the Comics Code in the 1950s.

4) Not really sure... Was #294 the first "giant" DC issue that was a) part of regular series not usually published at that size, b) not all or mostly reprints, and c) not an "anniversary" issue?

5) One reason is that the Legion, like the Earth-2 JSA, was not that closely tied to the mainstream DCU, separated (in the LSH's case) by a thousand years or (in the JSA's case) by being in another universe. Not sure about the other two.

6) The story about Superboy being treated so that he would forget (or not think about) about human longevity in the 30th century. That was in Superboy & the LSH #235.

7) Jim Shooter.

ted said...

4.Has anyone confirmed that was the first intenioal kill? When was it relative to wolfman' vigilante?

6. The embarassing part of the longevity story was that it established that they were still teenagers even in their thirties.

7. Does giffen count? Didn't he co-plot two runs with levitz and then came back for 5 years gap. Not to mention his creating L.E.G.I.O.N. Run.

Fanboy Wife said...

My husband was so excited when he found out about Levitz working on the new Legion project. I was really confused, because I kept thinking that he was talking about John Lovitz.

Dr. Michael J. MacArthur said...

Where are the easy questions?


Dr. Michael J. MacArthur said...

Wait, I might have one.

4 - Was it the first book to carry a $1.00 price?


Murray said...

2. He had Laurie Sutton and Karen Berger on his second run... and I kinda think Mike Barr might have edited some of the first issues of Levitz' second run. I don't remember who was the editor during his first run.

Murray said...

I don't remember who was the editor during his first run.

Just checked in the long boxes... Denny O'Neil and Al Milgrom also edited Levitz on the Legion.

Yeechang Lee said...

5) Another reason is that Levitz was a fan of the Silver Age Legion as a child so, naturally, it was a thrill to get to write for it at the age of 18 (!).
7) Jim Shooter, of course; the first time, from the age of 13; the second time, in his early 20s during the Action-backup era; the third time, as v5's last writer.

(Come to think of it, I'll bet the Legion is the only possible answer to "What comic book title is the only one to have had two teen-aged writers?")

Jonathan L. Miller said...

Yeechang: I think both Jim Shooter and Cary Bates were teenagers when they wrote various Supertitles for Weisinger, so there might be a few other answers to that question. :-)

Jim Drew said...

1. Mentalla is another one; she was made a member posthumously.
4. That issue also had a one-off, full cover logo.
6. I thought it was the "bring a white dwarf star to Earth" story that he regretted.
7. Did Waid only have two writing stints, plus one editing?

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