Thursday, January 14, 2010

More on the LSH v6 announcement

More from the Levitz announcement this morning:

  • Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool has never "gotten" the Legion but will apparently be buying the book anyway.
  • CBR recaps the Source and IO9 posts, but you can read the comments.
  • Newsarama also has a recap, with comments (that haven't gone off the rails yet).
  • Reviews and reactions at GeekSpeakBlog and The BEAT.
Yildiray Cinar, the new artist on LSH v6, is on Twitter at @ycinar and has a blog and DeviantArt page both with lots of sketches and pencilled pages from his Titans work.

Still waiting on the artist for the Adventure Comics run.


Richard said...

"Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool has never "gotten" the Legion but will apparently be buying the book anyway."

Um...that's not at all the impression I got from his comments. And what he did say, I found pretty offensive.

Michael said...

Rich said I'm sorry, I never ever got into Legion. I've tried several times and failed.

That's what I paraphrased into "Rich has never 'gotten' the Legion..."

He also wrote But I'm also a little sad that picking up a copy I just know I won't get anything out of it.

Doesn't that mean he will be buying it?

I also notice, which I think this is what you're referring to, that he originally wrote and later deleted from his post (but which is still in the comments) Also I'm a straight male which according to most Legion fans I meet seems to be another barrier which came right before I also think I'm just in the wrong demographic, like Sex And The City.

Richard said...

When he talks about "picking up a copy I just know I won't get anything out of it" he seems to be employing the subjunctive, i.e., if it happens that I look at a copy, I know I won't get anything out of it. Now, it may be that he still does pick up a copy to look through, because Paul's involvement makes it theoretically newsworthy and/or a subject of curiosity for him.

Also, I would be very very surprised if he actually ever buys any new comics published by Marvel or DC or most other publishers. If he isn't on everyone's comp lists as a matter of course, then either he or some PR person at the publisher has seriously messed up. And if he's not receiving paper copies, then electronic ones.

(N.B.: I'm only talking about current ongoing series; I assume Rich would still have to shell out for Omnibuses or Absolute editions or other high ticket items.)

Yeah, that was the comment I found offensive. The fact he tried to hide it doesn't change the fact that he thought it in the first place.

Rich Johnston said...

I receive no comp copies. And yes I'll be buying a copy. But I'm sorry it's like not liking anchovies or being allergic to shellfish, or being unable to watch House. I'll happily report on it but I've just never been able to get into it. Despite trying a number of times over the decades. Like I say, my loss.

Mr. Kayak said...

guys, with all due respect... who cares if rich johnston is going to read the legion book or not? in italy we'd say: esticazzi! :-P

Michael said...

OK, Rich, I'll ask the obvious - I'm glad you've at least sampled it from time to time over the years, but if it's not your cup of tea, why buy a book if you're not interested in it? Just so you can discuss and report on it?

Rich Johnston said...

Partially, but also it's Paul's first thing after stepping down. It's a big deal. Like Sovereign Seven...

Michael said...

Fair enough. But I hope it's nothing like Sovereign Seven...