Sunday, February 14, 2010

Toy Fair 2010: New Tyr coming from Mattel

The MattyCollector Facebook page posted a new image taken from Today's Toy Fair in New York. Among the figures coming soon (don't know when "soon" is) will be a new Tyr figure. Mattel is remaking and reissuing the figures that came out in the 1984-85 "Super Powers" line. Among all the other cool figures, Tyr is in the lower left corner next to new Obsidian, Zatanna, and Ultra-Humanite.


For reference, here's the original Tyr figure from the Super Powers line.


Paul Newell said...

Did you notice the other figure from the 30th Century? :)

Just behind Hourman.

Greybird said...

It's the arm-becomes-a-weapon conceit that makes this appealing to 8-year-old fanboys of all ages. (No put-down there, really, I'm mentally about 12 a lot of the time. {grin})

Still, I'm really tired of Tyr. (Is it pronounced "tier" or "tire"?) He was two-dimensional in the comics, and is still that way in, well, three dimensions.

Crikey, this is at least his third figure already.

AsteroidAl said...

Tyr is in the lower left corner next to new Obsidian, Zatanna, and Ultra-Humanite
I'd never before considered that the Ultra-Humanite might still be alive in the 30th Century...

Me said...

What with the relative size of the Ultra-Humanite? Whose body did he inhabit this time, Detective Chimp?