Monday, February 15, 2010

More Tyr from Toy Fair

According to Toy News International, the Tyr figure is the only Legion-related figure that was announced at Toy Fair this weekend. There's still some more news to come Monday, though. Nothing new yet for the JLU collection (except Green Lantern and Green Arrow who, technically, are Honorary Legionnaires in that Universe).

Here's a better look at the new Tyr from the TNI site:


Now compare that to a closeup of the original Tyr. Pretty nifty!


RAB said...

I'm not sure why your image links aren't working, but I was able to follow the links to the missing pics. That's some impressive sculpting work on the new Tyr! And it must be said, the earlier version was also pretty slick, especially for its time. I could wish they'd gone all the way back to the original Cockrum design for the gun-arm in the latest version, however. My inner eleven year old wants it to be exactly right, you know?

Michael said...

I was hotlinking to the original pictures, they probably turned that off. I'll fix it.