Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Legion Trek? Say what?

[Note: On June 28, I posted this entry, then sent an email to Mike Grell asking for clarification. Mike told me that oops, Catskill wasn't supposed to post the cover until the official announcement was made, and asked if I could pull this post. At his request, I did. The miniseries was announced on July 21 at San Diego, so I'm reposting this as it was at the time I wrote it. See the July 21 entry for the full story.]

Got an email today from Catskill Comics, who represents writer/artist Mike Grell (among many others). One thing caught my eye - Grell's cover featuring Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad - and Capt. Kirk and Mr. Spock of "Star Trek"! Yes, it sounds like some weird fanfic mashup, but the page says it's a mini-series from IDW.

I couldn't find anything on this miniseries (though I did find a homemade video of the Legion's theme song mashed up with the recent Trek movie as if it were the new Trek TV series opening credits, and a whole page of weird Legion crossover fanfic featuring Star Trek, Pokemon, and Dr. Who).

I've got an email out to Iron Mike to see what he says - is this a real miniseries or just a commission?

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David Stewart said...

Grell drew a Vulcan Green Lantern back in 76 http://www.glcorps.org/vulcan.html That i remembered being delighted when I saw it. So a Crossover might have been something he was itching to do. DC also had the Star Trek Comic license for a while, so could the cover date from then????