Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bizarro World trivia

Coming out the same time as LSH 16 (March/April 2006) is the Bizarro World TPB, reprinting the hardcover that came out back in February. The Legion Clubhouse has the list of the three Legion stories, new to that volume. These are tales told by Bizarro, so unless someone tells me otherwise, they can be treated as a dream, hoax, or Imaginary Story.

Speaking of the Bizarros, prior to this book, we've seen just two in-continuity stories featuring the Bizarro Legion, one pre-Crisis in Adventure 329 and one post-reboot in LSH v4 113-115 (not counting any dreams, hoaxes, or Imaginary Stories).

Trivia Question: Which three people appeared in both stories as a Bizarro Legionnaire (or as they said in ADV 329, a member of the Legion of Stupor-Bizarros)?


Lightning Lad said...

Great trivia question Michael (which I'll leave to others for now). But I wanted to ask you about the Bizarro appearance in the new series (LSH v5 #5). Do you think Lightning Lad was just spinning a yarn to tell the kids or might it have been something that actually happened?

Michael said...

I just re-read that sequence last night. Brin asked why Lightning Lad had been telling them fairy tales. I'll consider this a dream, hoax, or Imaginary Story until I read otherwise.

Word verification: Jaljnjeg, which must be the home planet of one of the Legionnaires.