Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Night Girl fashion show

It's the continuation of the Legion Fashion Show over at Typo Lad's. We saw Cosmic Boy yesterday, so naturally today we look at his stalker, Night Girl.

You know, back in the day, it seemed perfectly natural to me (in a comic book sense) for a girl to have such a crush on a guy that she convinces her father to give her super-powers so that she can go to Earth to join the Legion and be his girlfriend. No, no creepy stalker overtones there!

Typo has a picture of Lydda's old costume (black bodysuit with a bouffant hairdo) and her new one (black bathing suit with her hair down).

The costumes look pretty interesting in person, too. I saw them at the 1998 San Diego Comic Con, worn by then-15-year-old Sidra Roberts. Yes, it was vaguely creepy for me to be looking at a 15-year-old dressed in a sexy super-hero costume, but hell, they wear a lot less when they go to the pool or beach. Sidra's mom Sheryl Roberts helped her make the costumes, and of course they were a big hit (especially the new costume).

Here's Sidra as the Adventure-era Night Girl, and here she is as the Grell-era Night Girl. Sidra competed in some costume contest and won a Best Costume award that year. It doesn't sound like it was the main contest at the con:

She won The Best Costume of the Show, given by an indie publisher, and received a box of chocolate covered macadamian nuts, which pleased her immensely. Later, when I went to buy a comic or two from the man who awarded the prize, I discovered that he produces furry animal pornography comics. Needless to say, I didn’t buy any, but Sidra winning the costume award from him cracked me up.

Sidra, Sheryl, and the rest of the family still go to cons together and have been publishing the Collector Times monthly since 1998, which I think is pretty darn cool. They're Houstonians like me, and I might forgive Sidra for going to Texas A&M next time I see her.

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