Saturday, December 03, 2005

Some reactions to issue 12 (updated 12/4)

OK, so contrary to what I said before, the new Legion is in this week.

Sean "Kid Dork" Twist muses on the darkness in the new title, how it spun out of the original Crisis.

Okay, Legion of Superheroes junkie here. Which is a difficult thing to be, since of all comic geek subsets, this demands the most dedication and patience.

... But she could be back when the Legion is rebooted, since the Legion is always being rebooted. It's part of the pain of being a Legion fan.

Being a Legion fan requires dedication, patience, and....a lot of time to think about things like this and write about them in your blog.

Chris' Invincible Super-Blog, on the other hand, liked this issue:
Pretty much every single thing about this comic is awesome, but it really doesn't get a whole lot better than Page 14. ... Waid and Kitson are unquestionably two of the best in the industry, and this book proves it every single time it comes out.

Diana Kingston's reaction was somewhere in the middle:
There's a lot of action going on, a lot of movement, and in that sense it's as strong an entry in the series as the other issues. However, one very problematic element in this particular chapter is an increased reliance on contrivance.... It's a bit much, really. Granted that Waid is operating on an atypically-wide scale, and it hasn't reached eye-rolling levels yet, but it still knocks a few points off.

Graeme McMillan, no longer on a Fanboy Rampage, gave the issue an "OK". He's wondering if there are deadline problems with the book and is upset that the pacing of the series seems to be losing focus as it heads toward a conclusion. He's not fond of the backup story:
This issue’s back-up, the first not written by series writer Mark Waid (Firestorm’s Stuart Moore handles the writing chores, instead) misses the lightness of touch that Waid’s brought to the book so far, as Lightning Lad spends some time explaining why the Legion exists in a very worthy and dull manner, apparently with the aim of getting into Saturn Girl’s pants. Which is an interesting seduction technique, to say the least, but you know kids these days and their dedication to democratic ideals.

Johnny Bacardi doesn't like the backup either, as "we're given a backup story which is a bit of a drag as Lightning Lad attempts to pitch woo to Saturn Girl by giving her a Legion rally speech of some sort. It's dull and kinda dumb." However, he said "I still think Waid has handled this whole storyline clumsily, but when he's on, this book can be good." He gives it a B+.

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