Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I used to think Jim Drew was just a bit nuts when he got an Ultra Boy symbol tattooed on his arm. I'm a dedicated, dyed-in-the-wool Legion fan, but Jim took that one step further and is a dyed-in-the-arm fan. (I'll provide a link when I find a picture)

But then there's this guy, the Rev. O.J. Flow who writes for Newsarama. He's big into body art too, but his tastes run towards the comic book images. On his arms, legs, and chest he's got tattoos of Spider-Woman, Hellcat, Hawkman (as drawn by Perez), Dawnstar, Earth-2 Superman, a Mary Marvel lookalike, Earth-2 Robin and Huntress (from Crisis), Firestorm, Starfire, Wildfire, and Phantom Lady.

And I hate going to the doctor and getting a shot or having blood drawn. Yikes!

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Anonymous said...

LOL jim also has lightning lad's lighting on his butt cheeks...how do i know..he told me lol i hope to see them in person one day and hold em ...yum