Thursday, December 29, 2005

Retroview: Cosmic Boy in Legends

Comics Should Be Good is beginning an ambitious look back at the entire Giffen/DeMatteis JLA series on January 1st. Before that, though, they're doing the Legends miniseries, which introduced the new JLA (as well as Suicide Squad and the new Cosmic Boy miniseries).

You may recall that Cosmic Boy, an amateur historian, travelled back to the 20th century with his main squeeze Night Girl to check out what it was really like 1000 years ago, now that the Crisis on Infinite Earths has mucked up history (but nobody really remembered the Crisis, so how they could know that history had changed escapes me. But I digress.). He appeared in the first two issues of Legends, with a cameo in issue 3, before spinning off into his own mini.

It's not your typical review of the Legends series, though. It's an incredibly snarky, hilarious recap of the issue. Here's Cosmic Boy's role in issue 1:

Next scene: Cosmic Boy is eating in a diner.

Cosmic Boy: I love the past!

Brimstone: Raar. I’m gonna kick your asses.

Cosmic Boy: Holy shit. He’s bigger than a couple of villains who would only be familiar to people who read the Legion of Super-Heroes. I will now fly around him for a page and a half talking about what I’m going to do to him in my gay pink costume.

Cosmic Boy blasts Brimstone who swats him away.

Brimstone: Raar. I’m gonna kick your asses.

Cosmic Boy: Man, I’m lame.

Justice League: Need a hand?

Cosmic Boy: You really have to ask?

Justice League: Well, it sets us up to be able to do a roll call for all the children who are unfamiliar with us. Vibe! Elongated Man! Vixen! Martian Manhunter! Gypsy! Steel! Firestorm!

Cosmic Boy: Where the fuck is Superman?

Please go and read the rest of the issue 1 recap. Cosmic Boy also appears in the issue 2 recap and is mentioned in the issue 3 recap (but doesn't really appear, but that's OK because he only had a cameo in the issue anyway).

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