Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ty Rockstar, Dream Girl, and Los Legionarios

Catching up on some random Legion-ness following my vacation...

Episode 8 of the spanish-language Legion history Los Legionarios is complete, and pretty interesting. If you don't know spanish, try translating them via Babelfish or Google. There's a link to each of the 8 segments (earlier, I posted links to the first three).

Photon Torpedoes has a quick look at Nura Nal: Dream Girl: Her Best Work Was on Her Back. It sounds dirty but it's a perfectly harmless commentary on how great a character she was when Paul Levitz was writing her.

The Comic Treadmill is all a-twitter about the upcoming Legion 15, which features some sort of return of Dawnstar, Blok (which I keep wanting to spell "Block", even though I know better), and Tyroc.

I don’t know how these three oldies will feature into the story - perhaps they'll be merged into one new character named Ty Rockstar - but I’m happy there will be a story featuring them (which shouldn’t be interpreted as an argument for the regular return of any of the three characters). And for those of you wondering where I stand on the issue, I am – in theory anyway – in favor of the decision to re-title the book Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes.

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