Sunday, April 16, 2006

Animated Legion news 25: Matt Wayne, writer

It was pointed out to me in a comment in the preceding post by "ia" that Matt Wayne, a writer and editor on the JLU series, will be doing some writing on the new Legion series, according to an interview in Newsarama.

This weekend’s “Far From Home” features Supergirl, Green Lantern and Green Arrow traveling to the future to meet the Legion of Super-heroes and battle the Fatal Five. This is a prequel to the Legion show.

“I’ll be writing a new Legion of Super-heroes show on the Kids WB for the fall or summer (2007),” said Wayne. “It will be a takeoff on the classic Legion, but like the JLU, we’ll pick and choose characters to use.”

A "prequel" in that we'll be seeing the Legion later, not a true prequel (or pilot) for the new series. Note that was interviewer Michael San Giacomo's word, not Wayne's.

Note also the fall 2006 or summer 2007 premiere date, and the confirmation of the "core team plus others" concept.

Update 4/17: Matt Wayne said over in a ToonZone thread (article #18) that he was misquoted about his writing involvement, among other things:
I was misquoted in that article.

I'm not writing the new Legion show, I wrote a little FOR it.

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IA said...

Here's a follow-up: on the toonzone boards, Wayne said that the article had misquoted him--as he says "I'm not writing the new Legion show, I wrote a little FOR it."