Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Far From Home talkback

Here's what the rest of the internet has to say about the JLU "Far From Home" episode.

  • Follow the discussion on the ToonZone message board

  • Justice League Central has about 400 screencaps of the episode.

  • FanBoyWonder enjoyed the episode, but...
    As we noted above, we were never really into the Legion of Super Heroes. Our annoyance what we see as JLU’s forced demise may be coloring our thinking, but we’re not much excited to Cartoon Network’s upcoming Legion cartoon series.

    If it’s anything like the comic, we can expect that LSU to restart the series from scratch ever 6-8 episodes.

  • Strange Rhythms liked it a lot:
    Justice League Unlimited, "Far From Home". I love, love, love JLU. I would marry JLU and have its animated babies, if I were female and if an animated television series could impregnate someone. ... This particular episode featured the Legion of Super-Heroes. The Legion has long been a favorite of mine, so I pretty much spent the entire episode just sort of sitting there and giggling about how cool it all was.

  • Hercules at Ain't It Cool News reposts the original review for the third time (complete with inaccuracies), but this time with commentary from people who've actually seen the show.

  • Speaking of which, Progressive Ruin has some commentary on the AICN post above.
    And I never, in a million years (or a thousand, more appropriately) would have imagined that Bouncing Boy's superpower of, well, bouncing, would translate to motion as well as it did. It turned out to be effective and amusing, without being an over-the-top mockery of the character.

    Makes me look forward to the coming Legion cartoon...

  • Comics That Suck says, well, it sucked.
    I can hear the screams from JLU fans from here. But I have to tell you all, as a JLU fan, I heard the screams coming from my own mouth the night before when watching 'Far From Home'. ... The whole episode is basically there for fans of LOSH to go "OOH! Its Ultra Boy!" or "Cool! It's Cosmic Kid!" while looking in the background of the one final fight scene between Supergirl and the entire LOSH being mindcontrolled.

  • Lucky Adrastus is skeptical:
    I'd like to register some disbelief at the idea that Cartoon Network is replacing JLU with Legion of Superheroes (LOSH). I understand that the Legion members are teenagers, but for goodness sake they're such a bunch of losers! They're replacing Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder-Woman with Bouncing Boy, Brainiac-5, Saturn Girl, and Matter Eater Lad? You've got to be kidding me.

  • TJ Freeman liked it:
    Justice League was freakin AWESOME! I never really followed the Legion of Superheroes to closely but I know a few of them. Braniac 5 was the shit!

  • I guess you could say that Theron liked it:
    I'm a big fat LSH fanboy. I'm a big fat JLU Supergirl fanboy. As far as I'm concerned , Messers McDuffie and Dini wrote this episode entirely for my consumption.

  • There's still discussion on ToonZone about the upcoming series too.

  • Black on Black Violence comments on the end of the JLU and the beginning of the LSH series:
    Will LOSH carry the flame of the JLU? Though not as popular as the JLU, LOSH does have its fan base. But it is up to the writers to keep the JLU fan-base watching the new show. Will this show be another Teen Titans/Batman, which is geared to a younger crowd? Will the kids want to be Bouncing Boy for Halloween?

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StrangeRhythms said...

Oh, wow... I got, like, quoted. Twice in four days, in fact. How crazy is that?

Thanks, Michael. And thanks for doing this blog--it's a great resource!

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