Sunday, April 02, 2006

No Jessica Alba nude pictures here, sorry

Update 4/3: Thanks to Warren's crew, on April 2nd I had my highest single-day hit total (430). Over 49% of the traffic to this site on April 1st and 2nd came off that one link. Hopefully some of them will stay.

Someone who shall remain nameless (mostly because I don't have access to those stats) was here yesterday looking for pictures of Jessica Alba. As I suspected, that didn't take long, though I'm not quite sure how it got high enough on their site for that guy to click it.

A few other things related to the post:

  • Some time late yesterday (April 1st) I recorded my 10,000th hit since the site went live on Nov. 13th.

  • My April Fool's Day episode brought me my second highest hit total to date (389), thanks to over 200 hits from Warren Ellis's site. Today brought me the third highest (335 and counting, as of this writing). The biggest was when I first screencapped the "Far From Home" episode of JLU (401 hits).

  • Rob Hoegee, story editor for the new Legion series, commented here yesterday. If Rob or any other cast or crew member would like to comment or provide any information (names, sketches, characters, storylines, etc.) we're always open, and my email address is at the top in my profile. I'm trying to be (and stay) the blogosphere's main source of Legiony goodness.

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