Monday, July 03, 2006

Animated LSH news 41: sneak preview and Hoegee interview

Apparently I'm the last one to find out and report this, but we'll be seeing a sneak preview of the Legion show on July 15, according to the Comics Continuum.

Kids' WB! will stage "Behind the Shield," looking at Superman, on Saturday, July 15. The event will also include a first look at the Legion of Super Heroes animated series, which will is now calling the character "Superman" instead of "Superboy."

Note that this is the third source that's reporting SuperMAN instead of SuperBOY, by the way.

In other news, Bill Walko at the Titans Tower Monitor reports that he's got an interview over at Titans Tower with animated series co-producer and story editor Rob Hoegee about the show. Interview topics included the development of the series, the characters, and the ties to the Silver Age.
Not only does Legion have some of the coolest heroes, they also have some of the coolest villains. The Fatal Five play a big part in our first season, and we get to meet a few more from the vault as well.

Go read the rest of it!

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RAB said...

So...calling him "young Superman" instead of "Superboy" is their idea of how to get around the preliminary court ruling that awards "Superboy" to the Siegel estate? But that doesn't really work, does it? Clearly the whole concept of "young Superman" or "Superman as a boy" is part of the property as much as the actual name "Superboy"...or else the Smallville series wouldn't be considered a point of contention.