Saturday, July 15, 2006

Animated: sneak peek online

As expected, within a short time after the show "Behind the Shield" aired on the WB network, the Legion's promo in it has been digitized and uploaded to YouTube (Thanks to "wgz4life" at for uploading it). It's only 38 seconds, but it shows part of a battle between the Legion and the Fatal Five (in particular, Lightning Lad, Superman, and Emerald Empress).

Peter Fries at ToonZone notes that the background music was from the Superman Returns movie. This will not, however, be the music for the series (more on that later).

There were three other clips. In the first one, Lightning Lad fight and Superman are fighting off giant spider robots and Timber Wolf (in Furball mode). In the second one, we see all of the Legionnaires, including a Triplicate Girl who splits into three (duh!), each with a different hair color - white, orange, and purple. In the third, we see Superman and the Legion.

Interestingly, in the long clip, note that Lightning Lad is telling Superman how to use one particular power, suggesting that they might have to train him in how to be Super since he came to the future from a time before he became Superman. The first few seconds of the YouTube clip were cut off, and we see a brief shot of Clark looking up in awe at a Superman statue.

Comics Continuum says "It appeared that all the images and scenes were from the first two episodes, which introduce Clark Kent/Superman and Timber Wolf to the Legion world."

The LegionWorld forum has all four clips available to view or to save. Comics Continuum has some screen captures, including this one (notice the upside-down rocketship HQ in the background):

Follow discussion of the sneak peek on ToonZone here and here, LegionWorld, Captain Comics, Comic Book Resources, and Comic Geek Speak.

Also discussing it on their blogs: Tin Foil Hats, and more to come.

Update 7/19: TitansGo has a full downloadable clip, all 22.8 MB of it.

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Reed Solomon said...

Man I hope it doesn't suck. And if it does suck, they should at least throw in Dr Mayavale and the super moby dick of space and Klordny and just go all the way with it.