Monday, July 24, 2006

Animation Magazine 8/06 cover story

Update 7/27: Scott at the Legion Clubhouse has the issue and a scan of the page. A previous commenter says that this is not the regular cover, it's the special convention-only version, so keep checking eBay.

I don't know yet if this is the cover to the regular issue or if it's a special San Diego convention-only cover, but the August 2006 Animation Magazine has the Legion on the cover. Here's a link to an eBay auction (not mine) from someone who's selling it for $1.99 plus $5.00 shipping (one left). I'll be getting mine soon and unless anyone else knows before then, I'll scan the relevant info here.

Or, for $18 (at this writing), you can get the magazine plus a whole lot of swag.

Update 7/27: There's a short feature at the back with photos of many of the staffers interacting with the Legionnaires, and a little bit about the show.
Up next is Legion of Super-Heroes, DC's famously complicated sci-fi soap opera. After a very serious tone on Justice League and a kid-friendly take on Teen Titans, Legion finds a middle ground to both keep the strengths of the comic intact while making it work for the target audience of boys ages six-11.

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Jonathan Miller said...

I just ran out to buy this issue (and to do a few other errands, I'm not quite that bad!), and I have to warn you that the newsstand edition of August's Animation Mag is not this cover. In fact, there's no coverage of the LSH toon in it at all that I could find. (Closest they come is an article on the "Brainiac Attacks" video.) So yeah, this may be a Comicon exclusive, which would be a shame for those of us who couldn't make it to San Diego....

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure everyone knew before they ran out looking for it. Maybe it'll be the September issue?