Sunday, July 09, 2006

Badass week at the ISB

Earlier in the week I asked you to vote for Karate Kid as the Toughest Man in Comics - a guy who "has such an incredible mastery of martial arts that it's considered a super-power", a guy who gave Superboy a run for his money in his tryout, a guy who kicked Darkseid in the head. But he lost in the Invincible Super-Blog's contest. Not that he lost to some pansy characters: he beat out Orion, but came in 5th place overall behind Thor, Punisher, Conan, and winner by a landslide, Sgt. Rock.

So how do you follow up the Toughest Man contest? With a Toughest Woman contest, of course. But the ISB already crowned a winner, so to speak: Princess (later Queen) Projectra. Her Bad-Assiest moment, the one that got her the title, was the v4 Legion of Super-Villains story in which Karate Kid was killed by Nemesis Kid.

And that's where Legion of Super-Heroes #5 picks up with one of the most badass things I have ever seen in comics starts.

That's Princess Projectra, whose only super-power is making pretty convincing illusions that Nemesis Kid is completely immune to. You know, just so we're clear on what happens next.

Last year, when Wonder Woman snapped Max Lord's neck to keep him from turning Superman into an unstoppable killing machine, people got mad about it, and she was acting to save lives. But here?

Not only does Projectra snap that dude's neck purely for revenge, but she then turns around and asks her friends if anybody's got the balls to tell her that wasn't the right thing to do.

And that? That's the hardest shit since Straight Outta Compton. FACT.


The Toughest Woman in Comics

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