Monday, July 24, 2006

Post SDCC report 1: Perez and Legion panels

Everyone's getting home today and posting their photos and transcribing their notes from the panels they attended. Here's one from Thursday's George Perez panel and two from the Legion panel on Friday. (Also see my original Thursday/Day 1 and Friday/Day 2 posts from over the weekend.)

Titans Tower Monitor reports from the Perez panel that, yes, he wants to draw the Legion (as we've known for a while). But why?

On tackling Legion: George mentioned how he would like to one day do some Legion work, since he has not done any interior art on Legion. He cited Bouncing Boy and Chameleon as his favorites - and the "Legion babes" as well. "Girls in Spandex and mini-skirts. What's not to like?"

Shawn "Timber Wolf" Harrison made it back in one piece. Apparently he wasn't looking very hard because he said "I didn't really see many unusual freaks." Maybe he was distinguishing them from the usual freaks. Interesting comment:
During the panel we, the voice actors, finally got an opportunity to see a clip of our characters animated and I was quite impressed. I know it's going to be freaky to see the animation synced to voice in the near future.

All parties involved seemed very pleased with the progress of the show. We met a lot of people affiliated with the show that we normally don't see when we record. You can tell they're genuinely enthused about Legion which actually got me even more excited about the show. Let's hope the show does well.

Nightwing at the Titans Tower Monitor has a report from the panel (go there for more) along with some pictures.
Tucker and Hoegee described the show; In the 31st century, super-heroes havent been around for awhile, so a group of teenagers gather together and form their own club. And yep, they've got a clubhouse and flight rings, just like in the comics. Stylistically, they described the show as a "middle ground between Teen Titans and Justice League Unlimited."

The show owes a lot to the Silver Age version of the team. When asked why they used old names like "Lightning Lad" instead of "Livewire," James Tucker said simply, "Classic. Old School. It works." And Rob Hoegee talked about capturing the fun and adventure of those comics. Both agreed the original code names worked best for those very reasons.

As for the use of members, the team said it was like casting a TV show; You look for the right mix of characters. But this IS teh Legion - and you will see a bunch of fun cameos in the first season. One fan asked, "Supergirl, Mon-El or Ultra Boy?" James Tucker said one of those three characters will appear in season one. We were also assured the Legion wouldnt be the Legion without Matter Eater Lad. "Just beause you don't see them in the line-up, doesn't mean they aren't in Legion," Tucker assured us.

As for villains, look for the Fatal Five to be a major thorn in their side. The team also seemed very excited about their take on the classic Legion foe, Starfinger. The 2-part season finale would be very "menacing" and is an adaption of a classic Legion story.

Finally, director Ben Jones wrote in a comment to Friday/Day 2's post that the titles to episodes 1 and 3 that I had heard were wrong. I updated the info on that page and at the Wikipedia.

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