Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Post SDCC report 2: animated reactions

Some more reactions from around the blogosphere to the big Legion panel this weekend at San Diego:

  • Johanna - pwn3d?
    Thanks to Michael’s coverage of Legion-related bits from San Diego, I’m actively interested again. I can’t believe I’m contemplating buying collectible card game packs just because they feature the characters. (But only if I can get the box as well!) I haven’t been that kind of collector in a while.

    Ha! I've converted another one! :)

  • Kalinara of the Pretty Fizzy Paradise calls out "Trepidation Ho!" (which has nothing to do with prostitution).
    In general it sounds interesting enough. But one part really makes me pause:

    "Brainiac 5 is the biggest departure from his comic book counterpart; Although descended from the evil Brainiac, Brainiac 5 is very much learning what it means to be a real boy. The creators likened him to Pinnoccio."

    Um. What?

    They're turning Querl Dox into Data?!?!

    And later in the comments:
    I'm cool with the robot thing. The "Real Boy" thing is what throws me. What's wrong with being a robot that *likes* its superiority to humans?

  • This guy at the Beetle's Nest is already putting in his orders for merchandising tie-ins.
    I know it's not a big part of the Legion of Superheroes mythos, certainly not as well known as their Flight Rings, but when the new LSH cartoon comes out and the toys hit the shelves, I hope they make an Omnicom. And I hope it's cool. Let me explain...

    Can you imagine how many kids you could rope by selling them a handheld, portable computer for like $30? ... But if I were in the AOLTIMEWARNER/DC marketing department, I would seriously be trying to figure out just how much of a toy computer I could build for under $40. Put a camera on there, give it 64MB of memory so they can store a few MP3's, hire some x86/ARM hacker to code a couple of applications for it, and if you market it just right -- accentuating the fact that the Omnicom is a working computer, and not an educational toy -- you could have the next big thing.

  • Davy is excited:
    I've wanted to see it for some time..., but now that I know the release date, know a few details, and have seen a small clip ..., it feels very real, and my anticipation reached that point where I just can't contain it today.

    I just can't wait for September 23.

  • Finally, from the Power of Tiga comes this succinct question:

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