Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Recent stuff you might have missed

Couple of minor reprints to report, courtesy of Jef Peckham, plus some surprise cameos:

There's a Legion cameo of sorts in the recent Brave New World #1. In the two-page spread at the very end, on the screens around the room are images from various series. At the top center, right above the purple doors in the page break, is an image about a square nanometer that shows a Kitson-drawn Supergirl with Phantom Girl in the background, from the cover to issue 16. I have no idea how he spotted that.

The Superman: Infinite Crisis trade paperback from last week reprints the story from the Secret Files in which we see various Legions in shards of crystal.

In Supergirl 7 from two weeks ago, we saw the evil Saturn Queen appear. But given the half-dozen or so versions of that character we've met over the years, which one is this? (Probably the one from the recent Superman/Batman arc.)

Finally, in last week's Superman 654, we see Big Blue fighting alongside Metropolis' Technology Squad, a division of Metropolis' Special Crimes Unit. "People call them 'The Science Police.' It's a screwy nickname, but who am I to criticize? They get the job done." The forerunners of the 31st century SPs? We'll find out in about 1000 years.

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