Wednesday, July 19, 2006

San Diego Con '06: day 0

I talked to a friend at San Diego for Preview Night. She said that there must be 80,000 people there already, and the bulk of the con doesn't even start until tomorrow morning. Yikes!

Anyway, LegionClubhouse points me to Newsarama's coverage, which starts tonight with a photo of the animated Legion standup at the DC booth.

New images of Superman and Bouncing Boy, but the others are the same drawings used for the promotional flyer given out at the Licensing Show last month. Notice that in the flyer, Timber Wolf's and Brainiac 5's belt buckle "L" is reversed, those images were flopped for better composition (but someone forgot to fix the buckle).

Note that it's different that the one from the Licensing Show in New York last month:

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