Sunday, July 16, 2006

Starlin on the Legion

Update: added links to the stories being discussed, and added a link at the bottom with more info on Steve Apollo.

No, he's not doing anything new on the Legion book, but Newsarama recently talked Jim Starlin into answering fan questions (while discussing his upcoming stuff). Here are the ones involving the Legion:
Would you ever be interested in doing a few stories with Legion Of Super-Heroes?

And if so, do a story about the Infinite Man?

Jim Starlin
Have to admit I’m not a big Legion of Super Heroes fan. Yeah, I know I did a couple of stories involving the characters but I never really bonded with them. Don’t care much for the X-men either. Now everyone can be mad at me. Have no idea who the Infinite Man is. He anything like Kirby’s Infinity Man?

...Three questions come to mind:
3) What would it take to get you to return to the Legion and save it from the evil grasp of Mark Waid?

Jim Starlin
3.) In the past I have been accused of being overly daring and foolhardy but even I wouldn’t dream of challenging the power of the Waid.

Jeff Albertson
5) What happened with the Legion of Super-Heroes Omega story? The first LSH you did was wonderful (Rubenstein is one of your finest inkers), the second I didn't enjoy so much -- the story seemed oddly paced, and the inking was inappropriate. (I wouldn't mind you doing more Legion, but I like the current Mark Waid series, so don't listen to OM about that.)

Jim Starlin
5.) The Omega story was originally a 64 page annual that got cut down to whatever it ended up getting printed as. Didn’t like the end product so much that I asked for my name to be removed from it.

They had to credit someone for the art, though, and the name "Steve Apollo" was used. Here's some more about the two "Steve Apollo" issues from DC's message boards (and from Glen Cadigan, author of the Legion Companion).

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