Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Trivially speaking

Just for the hell of it, some trivia questions. I'll try to make this a recurring event.

1. In "real" continuity, twice so far we've seen a Bizarro Legion of Super-Heroes (one pre-Crisis in Adventure 329 and one post-reboot in LSH v4 113-115 - not counting any dreams, hoaxes, or Imaginary Stories, like the recent campfire story). Which three people appeared in both stories as a Bizarro Legionnaire (or as they said in ADV 329, a member of the Legion of Stupor-Bizarros)?

2. When written by a competent writer, what specific thing happened each time Tyroc yelled "OOYYYYUUUUU"?

3. It's commonly known that Dave Cockrum originally invented the X-Man we know as Nightcrawler as a member of a Legion spinoff group, before he left DC. What other major X-Man was inspired by a character Cockrum created for a Legion spinoff?

4. Over the years, Dev-em has had at least three separate, totally different, totally contradictory origins. Briefly describe them.

5. Which Legionnaire once had super-powers greater than Superboy's (pre-Crisis)?

6. Prior to the Five Year Gap, under which Legion leader did the team see the most members join (regardless of how many terms they served as leader)?

7. Who was the only then-active Legionnaire who did not appear during the Great Darkness Saga, and why?

8. Over the years, how many different Legionnaires have had kids? Assume the three major eras (pre-Zero Hour, post-Zero Hour reboot, current) are different characters.

9. Which Legion-related character suffers from Taphephobia?

10. Which members of the Legion of Super-Villains were members of the Legion of Super-Heroes at any point (regardless of how they got into the LSH)?

Answers in a few days, or sooner if nobody gives this a shot.


Matthew E said...

I can answer some of these. I think. Without looking stuff up, I mean.

5. I believe this is Star Boy, who used to have Kryptonian-level powers but no weaknesses.
7. Ah - trick question, I think. Shrinking Violet didn't appear, because she was sealed up in a tank someplace, and Yera was walking around looking like her. Imagine that: Yera took out a Servant of Darkness.
8. Hmm. Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl had four kids. Cosmic Boy had a baby with Lydda. Ultra Boy and Apparition had Cub. Laurel Gand and Rond had a baby. You could argue that, in the current version, Triplicate Girl has had a planet full of kids. What about all those clones Ra's al Ghul took of Gates and his people - does that count as having had kids?
9. That would be Mordru (taphephobia being the fear of being buried alive).
10. Nemesis Kid and Spider Girl, for sure... Didn't Lightning Lord, Cosmic King and Saturn Queen have some kind of membership once? Also Chameleon Chief?

Jonathan Miller said...

Wow, these are tough, especially when most of my comics are in a storage unit, so I can't look anything up...

3. I'm pretty sure it was Storm.

4. First he was the obnoxious teenager who lived next door to the Els. Then he was a mutant from (I think) Titan and had convinced himself he was a Kryptonian, somehow giving himself powers. (I'm pretty sure this version never actually appeared in a comic, just in Who's Who.) Finally, he was a crazy Daxamite. For bonus points, now he's a mysterious member of the "Cult of Conner."

5. Mon-El, post-serum. Without a doubt. (And briefly Star Boy too.)

6. Hmm. It's either Invisible Kid or Lightning Lad. I'll go with the Kid.

7. Matthew's already guessed Violet. I'm trying to remember if Karate Kid was around for it (comics inaccessible)--he was back from the 20th C, right?

8. I think Matthew has this covered. (Though it's probable Dirk had at least one kid he didn't know about....) We're not including Adult Legion stories, are we? 'Cause everybody had kids in those....

9. Yeah, Mordru.

You should definitely do more of these. :-)

Tenzil said...

3. Wolverine. Originally he was supposed to be a super-evolved Wolverine, an animal like you find in the woods. Cockrum didn't create the character (I think Herb Trimpe did), but the evolution idea, and many other ideas that were done with the chartacter later, were Cockrum's. I am dying to know the real anywer to this one.

5. Matter-Eater Lad. After eating the 'Miracle Machine' (a DC version of the Cosmic Cube), he had the power to make his thoughts reality. One unfortunate side-effect was he went crazy. But you are probably thinking of Star Boy.

6. Element Lad, most likely. If not, definitely Dream Girl.

7. Violet, Yera, yada yada.

This is a hard quiz.

Matthew E said...

jonathan: Karate Kid was definitely around for the Great Darkness Saga--don't you remember him kicking Darkseid in the head?

Michael said...

Tenzil: you didn't think this was going to be easy, did you? :)

Matthew: for the kids question, I'm only thinking of those who had offspring the "normal" way for their species. No clones, no evil/good twins, no transporter accidents leaving perfect or imperfect duplicates, no "my arm fell off and regenerated a new body on its own" Swamp Thing type situations.

Jonathan Miller said...

Matthew--you're right! Man, I really need to get those books out of storage....

So, Michael, gonna let us know who got the right answers? ;-) (I'm really interested in hearing what your answer for #5 is....I'm still going with Mon over Star Boy.)

Michael said...

Of course I'll post the answers. I just want to see if anyone else is interested in answering first.

Matthew E said...

I'm not so sure that Mon-El is the answer for #5... I mean, I can see the argument. With the serum, he was supposed to be immune to the lead poisoning. Only problem is, I remember him being victimized by the lead a few times anyway - in the first annual, that time when he started to become immune to the serum... for someone who was invulnerable to lead, he was pretty vulnerable to lead.

Bill Meisel said...

I'm sure it's not the answer you intend, but I would claim Kid Psycho is an answer to #5 since nothing could pass through his force fields. (Of course, he loses a year of life each time he uses his powers, but what can you do?)